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What is recycled glass jewelry?
Aug 04, 2018

What is recycled glass jewelry?

Many artists today are eco-conscious and in an effort to reuse items that already exist, as opposed to creating more waste, they use post-consumer glass to make jewelry. Antique glass, as well as old windows, broken kitchenware, and used soda, wine, and beer bottles saved before they can be dumped in a landfill, are repurposed to make beautiful and interesting jewelry of all types. The salvaged glass is typically cut and then fired in a kiln to smooth rough edges, bring out color, and improve texture. Each piece of glass can be used individually, or several pieces can be fused together to form an entirely different look. Using recycled glass is a creative way to utilize items that might otherwise end up clogging landfills. Artists are able to craft beautiful, memorable, and eco-friendly pieces of jewelry out of glass that is generally considered, by the rest of society, to be trash.

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