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Black spinel
Apr 04, 2018

Black spinel, from its out, the production is self-evident, many billions of them, most of these will not be completed with hand-inlaid finished products, are generally determined by the mosaic technique of wax inlaid, black spinel Electroplating equipment requirements are relatively high. In general, the ageing of some equipment or the poor processing temperature of technicians will color the black spinel caused by electroplating. This hopes that the majority of jewelry processors can better master the black spinel mosaic. After the plating process, so that it can not cause the plating and other issues.

  The never-fading black spinel is round, natural and pure black, the craftwork of the precious stone craft machine cuts, can make the gemstone shine more brilliantly, let each precious stone debut every ring, pendant, chain, etc. A person wearing a jewelery is enchanting and beautiful, even more individualistic. Black spinel is a natural material and it is a material that does not fade when it encounters high temperatures. It is widely used in zircon jewelry and has a unique black color that does not change color.

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